Happy Ramadan To All IslamUnity's(I&U) – Fasting Starts On Monday 6 June 2016
Alhamdulilah. the month of Allah’s rahmah, blessings and forgiveness is here. May Allah give us the oppoetunity to serve him wholeheartedly and devotedly. May He accept all our efforts in this month and beyond.RAMADHAN KAREEM. Wishing all IslamUnity's(I&U) Happy Ramadan Kareem. Please keep all muslims in your DUA (prayer), Nigeria & the world as a whole and please, don’t forget to eat your Sahur. We Started it with Bismillahi, Insha Allah, We all will be very much alive to end it with Alihamdullilahi Created at 2016-06-06 11:41:13