A Speech So Funny In Islam That We Need To Read

Funny, how Five thousand naira is nothing when it is spent in a shopping complex but a huge amount when it is been donated in the cause of islam. (Quran CH=64, V=17)

Funny, how Two hours spent in a film house is very short but very boring and long when listening to an islamic lecture. (Quran CH=20, V=124-124)

Funny, how You believe in the news, but question the noble Quran when it is been read.

So funny, how you find it uncomfortable using Hijab but felt proud putting on an academic gowns. (Quran CH=33, V=59, CH=24, V=31)

Funny, how? You abide by your principal's, Rectors, Provost's rule but disobey Allah's commandments. (Quran CH=23, V=115)

Funny, how? You prefer dancing in the public than offering swolat in the public.

Funny, how? You felt shy when called for an islamic rally or parade but will be willing to go if it's on social basis. (Quran CH=62, V=9)

Funny, how? You remember your worldly appointment but forget the eternal appointment with your creator in yhe day of resurrection. (Quran CH=47, V=7)

Funny, how? Your christian counterpart can never eat your Sallah meat but you join them happily in celebrating christmas. (Quran CH=3, V= 28, CH=5, V=57)

Funny, how? You took time to gist, slander, backbite, but find it uninteresting reading the holy Quran. (Quran Ch=49-V=16, CH=29-V45, CH=13-V28)


Created at 2016-09-28 03:44:50