SPIRITUAL & HEALTH BENEFITS OF EATING LITTLE (Never eat until the stomach gets filled)

By Muhammad al-Haadi

Authored by:
Osman Nuri TOPBAS

1. In moderate hunger there is clearness of mind and heart; the memory is stronger. In the state of being overly full, there is forgetfulness and foolishness.

2. In moderate hunger there is gentleness of the heart. The heart benefits and takes pleasure from worship and supplication. With a full stomach the heart is insensitive and takes no pleasure in worship.

3. In moderate hunger there is softness of heart and humility. Satiety produces insolence, conceit, pride and bragging.

4. In moderate hunger one thinks of the poor and hungry, where as, a man with a full stomach never remembers the poor and the needy.

5. In moderate hunger the appetite, needs and wishes of the animal soul are broken. When full, the animal soul is strong and the desires find strength.

6. In moderate hunger the body is in an agile and aware condition. When full it feels sleepy and careless.

7. In moderate hunger one feels ready to worship and give service to Allah. When the stomach is full one feels lazy and lax.

8. In moderate hunger, the body is healthier. Sickness disappears. Over-eating makes the body feel worn out and sick.

9. In moderate hunger the body feels light and spacious, making one cheerful.

10. In moderate hunger one feels more generous and ready to provide support for the poor with charity.
On the other hand those who do not experience hunger at all, do not understand the sufferings of the poor.

Also, for this, in the heat on the fearful Day of judgment, the servant will come into a state of coolness and shade. Fullness produces a state that goes from stinginess and wasteful spending which leads to the destruction of the servant.

The Mother of believers, Aisha (RA) said: "Try to open the doors of the malakuut (spiritual world)." They asked: "How?" She answered: "Through hunger and thirst."

May Allah continue to guide us to the right path, Aameen.

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