Lokoja: Sheik Dahiru Bauchi Calls for Unity Among Muslims Ummah
By Musa Tanimu Nasidi.
A renowned Islamic scholar in Nigeria, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, has called on Muslims to imbibe the spirit of love, tolerance and patience in their daily affairs as taught by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
The Islamic cleric made the call in Lokoja on Sunday during the annual Maulid celebration organized by Dr. Rajab Naibi in commemoration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.
He described Maulud as a period for Muslims to get closer to Allah by showing love to his prophet, called on Muslims to embrace one another irrespective of any differences for the progress of Islam.
Sheik Dahiru also called on Muslim parents to inculcate the love of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the hearts of their wards by sending them to Islamic schools and teaching them the history of the Holy prophet.
He reminded them on the significance of practicing Islam according to the teachings of the Qur’an and traditions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as shown by the companions of the prophet of Islam.
The Islamic cleric also called on governments at all levels to introduce palliative measures to cushion the effects of the harsh economic situation on Nigerians adding that the measure would go a long way towards reducing the hardships being faced by the people.
Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi who commended the people of Lokoja called on to be prayerful in order to overcome their challenges while wishing the Dr. Naibi Allah’s protection and guidance: ” I want to used this opportunity to commend Dr. Rajab Naibi towards his contributions to the propagation of Islam and urged others to emulate him.”
Chairman of the occasion and the Eje of Dekina, Dr. Usman Obaje commended Dr. Rajab who he described as one of the major promoter of Islam in Kogi state.
“His annual Maulid program is not only commendable, but deserve emulation,” he said.
In a lecture, the Chief Imam of National Mosque Abuja, Professor Ibrahim Makari, admonished Muslim ummah to emulate the virtues of the Holy Prophet who was sent to the entire mankind blessing.
He described Maulid as an occasion where Muslims interact and impart knowledge to the ummah.
Speaking with journalists, Dr. Rajab Naibi thanked all those that grace the occasion and pray Allah to reward them all.
The occasion was attended by Sheikh Abubakar Sadiq Abuja, Islamic scholars in and outside Lokoja and a host of others. Created at 2018-03-21 14:40:17