Special Invitation Okene Moulud 2018
OKENE 2016: Moulud Baye" Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa barakatuhu!... Its indeed another tremendous opportunity for us to showcase & grab the love of Moulana SHEIKH IBRAHIM BAYE NIASSE (RTA).. as his lovers are about to converge again in the celebration of his benevolent and merciful birth.

You may have missed the previous editions of this noble gathering but I bet you'll find it difficult to forgive yourself if you miss this coming one. A GLANCE AT THE EVENT's BRIEF HISTORY: =It might interest you to know that Moulud celebration of Sheikhul Islam in OKENE, NIGERIA is the 1st of its kind in Nigeria and to many, the most prestigious gathering of Moulud of Moulana Sheikh Ibrahim Baye Niasse (RTA)... because it comprises of everybody devoid of race, ethnicity, tribe, origin or nationality.

This gathering in this part of the world often last for five (5) days. Five days of benevolent mercy, blessings, moral&spiritual lectures & its full of blessings all through and many more as its often grace by men and women of intellect & Impecable qualities. Most importantly, it will interest you more when you get to know the host of this gathering. Indeed its no other person but he himself! Yes! Moulana Sheikh Ibrahim Baye Niasse (RTA).. You are Amazed because you wonder how a man that is no more be hosting an event, talk more of an event dedicated to him: This pose a question of who is Moulana Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse (RTA)? =In a nutshell, A man can best be described or defined by what he does or the people he lived with. Without panic, BABU-SALAM IBRAHIM NIASSE. are your host.

This gathering often receive guests from all works of life, from every part of the world especially the SHERIFEYI and Sons and grand sons of MOULANA SHEIKH IBRAHIM NIASSE (RTA). both in Nigeria and abroad. Countries that normally partake in this gathering apart from Nigeria (the host country) includes MOROCCO, NIGER, GHANA, MALI, TUNISIA, MOURITANIA, GAMBIA, SUDAN, SENEGAL etc.

This event of escapade is around the corner (Precisely 16th - 19th April, 2018) and this notice is to gear you up to enable you have a good preparation towards attending it. Details of programme of event will be unveiled soon,insha Allah. Stay tuned! Thank you....POSTED BY AHMAD(C.E.O) Created at 2018-04-02 13:26:59