Youth the leaders of tomorrow's and challenges faced today By Comrade Lucky A. O.

Who is a youth?

A youth is any individual between the ages of 18-45 approximately 50 years in any given society, community or locality,
Now are you part of the people between this age stated above? If yes then you are a youth and deserve to make a serious contribution towards the development of your community. The role of youth as a leader in her community can not be over emphasis.

There is a need for extension agents, program developers, and policy planners to better understand the role of youth in the community development process.
The above mentioned is equally important, to better recognize the benefits and opportunities presented through youths involvement in community development activities.
Extension plays a vital role in engaging youths through interactions with the local community, particularly in the implementation of programs.
While often seen only as suited for youth can actively contribute to a variety of extension activities that enhance Local Life.
If youth are included in programs to meet needs and empower communities, they can become life long participants and take on a sense of ownership in development efforts. The merging of community building and youth development has been at the core of recent engagement.

Let's look at the definition of leadership. Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.
Sadly, the current crop of leaders today in Nigeria do not mentor young people for leadership role(s) not because the young people are not fit to lead but because these young persons have created the imagination on non-preparedness
The present-day Nigeria does not give a level playground for equal participation in leadership roles
Starting from the conspiracy of age limit in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended
Recently, there was a NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN bill that was said to have been passed but sadly, upon disqualification of the SDP candidate because of age limit, it clearly shows that the bill did not address the carried intent
The question is how do we lead when we seem not to understand the consequences of ignorance?
Few of the many challenges of young tomorrow leaders is

A handful of our young people today don't understand their self-worth. They seem to get carried away with frivolities and sentiments of comfort, It is no longer news perhaps we all chanted the nursery rhymes that hinted "we are the leaders of tomorrow".
When we are now adults and the question that continue to boggle the mind of every sane Nigerian is: When is the tomorrow we all anticipated as kids?
We now live in an era especially in the African nation where old and senile leaders are recycled to lead young, energetic and vibrant youths who prefer to bootlick and praise sing looters of our common heritage in order to tap fraudulent stipends.
Youths are graded or rated as that young national who can be cajoled to vote against their conscience during the polls.
Don't get it twisted, all youths are not dubious but what parameters can be utilized to separate grains from the chaff?
Let's narrow our discourse to Kogi Central which by virtue of divine providence remains our extraction.
I want to use this medium to applaud the way and manner our youths comported themselves during the conduct of the November 16 gubernatorial elections.
We did not record cases of casualties or electoral violence even though the transparency of the election is still contested. It is noteworthy that Kogite youths have set a pace that must be encouraged but amongst every 12 there is a Judas.
One of the instigating factors that escalates to youth restiveness is illiteracy. You may be literate yet behave like an illiterate and people will begin to ask if truly you went to school or the school passed through you.
For Any youth to occupy sensitive positions in the nearest future because the tomorrow we all anticipated is today, our youths should shun politics of egocentrism.
Youths should preach and practice the essence of unity because we are one. It is only when we are united that we can speak with stentorian voice and our voices will be heard.
Democracy should not be abused to form cabal that won't foster unity rather a dividing aberration that divides and deter communal benefits.
The question that romances the conscience of any logical youth of Nigeria extraction should be a firm poser of liberation and prosperity; we must liberate our people and our land from the shaming symposium of mental slavery.
Kogi youths MUST shun pride and arrogance. If you think or you're celebrated as a learned fellow, try and impact knowledge by teaching the younger generation secret of your success.
No man is an Island. United we stand, divided we fall.
We really need a revolution; not through a situation of physical combat or armed struggle but a revolution of our mindsets.
Our youths cannot lead if we keep repeating same errors and misbehavior showcased by past leaders.
I guess when you remember the likes of Wike, Amaechi, Fashola et'al, you'd agree with me that our problem is far from being solved. Because these same persons in 20 years will be struggling to lead our generation.
This is terrible isn't it? So what time are we ever going to lead when in Nigeria , we don't run the politics of ideology rather, it is the politics of deep pocket theory.

So the question remain unasnwered.
This is scary if you ask me.
In Nigeria, we are subject by the constitution while the records below shows the trend in global leadership:
Greta Thunberg is only 15 yet she has proven to be a proactive Climate Activist. Malala Yousafzai proved to be a leader and a crusader of girl education yet she is only 22. Kim Jong Un of North Korea is only but 34 and today he has proven to be an effective President of his country.
Emmanuel Macron, the French president is only but 39, Jacinda Ardern is from NZ and she's 38, Saleh Ali al-Sammad is the president of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen and he is 38.
Vanessa D’Ambrosio is the Captain Regent of San Marino at 29. While she is not technically a president, she holds the highest honor in San Marino and she’s the second woman in the history of San Marino to have this prestigious title.
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is the current Emir of Qatar. He is 36 and he does a very good job at ruling the country very effectively to mention but these few.
In Nigeria, Matthew Tawo Mbu was appointed minister of labour in 1954 at age 25. At age 26, he was appointed High Commissioner to UK from 1955 to 1959.
At 32, Yakubu Gowon was Head of the Federal Military Government of Nigeria from 1966 to 1975. At age 34, Olusegun Obasanjo appointed Buhari as the Federal Commissioner (position now called Minister) for Petroleum and Natural Resources.
It is my firm believe that we shall continue to make progress by serving as ambassadors of our land either at home or diaspora.
Conclusively, the only limitation to our success as a nation is disunity feigned as unity and till the day an Ebira man (or any other race rated as minority) is considered for the position of President, the notion of ONE NIGERIA will be seen as a big scam.
The problems bedevilling our nation should not deter us from good morality. We can truly be leaders of today because tomorrow will never come.
May God continue to bless and uplift our land.
But the question remain unasnwere, If Youths Are The Leaders of Tomorrow then my Question is WHEN IS TOMORROW?

By Comrade Lucky Ozovehe A.
National President of Youth Enlightenment Movement

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